Tector manufactures toroidal transformers from1980,in a wide range of different models and dimensions,to satisfy any possible application required by the most varied of sectors.

Generally the toroidal transformers are 50% lighter than the normal stacked laminated transformer. This feature grants remarkable advantages in the design of cabinets and portable electrical equipment. In the meantime it makes operations connected with transportation and handling easier. The low weight is strictly linked with the compact dimensions in comparison to a traditional transformer, as well as a nearly endless range of different dimensions which are proportionally variable as in the height and diameter fits the housing provided for the fixture better.Is very easy to mount a toroidal transformer because thanks to its reduced weight and centraI hole, it can be fixed to the relative support by means of a single screw and washer. The magnetic core consists of a single strip of steel which is tightly wound round itself. Also windings are tightened round the same strip of steel. This structure minimizes the mechanical vibration of the strip which are the most remarkable elements of noise as with traditional transformers. The unavoidable magnetic hum (due to the magnetization current) is nearly imperceptible, being the core inside the windings and the insulations.

Toroidal has a very low "no-Ioad" consumption in the situation when the transformer is connected to the mains and no load is connected to it: from 4 to 6 times less of a conventional transformer. The "full load" efficiency, (the proportion between the power absorbed by the mains and the power actually supplied) is always from 90 to 97%, in particular with the transformers with more than 100VA, where the power saving is more significant. The majority of Tector's toroidal transformers are in B class, suitable to operate with a temperature on the windings up to 120° C. This means the transformer can operate without any problem, even if the temperature taken on any one of its components reaches 120° C. However, during the installation, it is necessary to check that room temperature of the transformer's housing does not exceed the value shown on the label (ta = room temperature). If the transformer is mounted in a very little space and with an higher temperature than the specifications on the label, (these high temperatures can also be produced by the overheating of the other components or by heat convention) airing openings (or, if necessary, forced ventilation system), should be arranged.

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