Three SuperLED 1W each directly working at 12V, enclosed in a casing with the same dimension of a normal dichroic 50 mm bulb, allow the replacement of the halogen bulb in all kinds of lighting equipment, without any intervention on the existing electric plant.

Light color: Warm white
Angle beam: 15°

LED lighting device, conceived for the replacement of halogen lamps of any existing lighting device. Working at 12 Volt, both in alternate and continuous current. It does not require power supplies different from the ones already present on the existing plant. In case of plants realised with electronic transformers, the transformers themselves could stop working since they require a minimum load to work correctly. Protection degree IP20. Maximum dimensions: diameter 50 x maximum height 45 mm. With 3 LEDs, NCS Nichia model in the colours listed in the table. Available with lenses of 15°, 25° and 40°.



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