The equipments GDMX and GDMXT are a remote DMX signal generators, with power supply 220-230V~ and in output a digital DMX signal on the block-connector, realised for the remote control of RGB spots, with buttons (GDMX) or with remote control (GDMXT). 

Versione: DMX generator with show

The GDMX / GDMXT system allows the user to recall shows that are already saved on an internal memory with a simple control with mono-stable buttons (GDMX version) or with a radio control (GDMXT version). Direct working at 230V in a plastic IP56 box. The connection between the system and the DDL drivers must be carried out through a DMX cable (to be ordered separately). By pressing the buttons or by touching the radio control the user will be able to switch from simple fixed-light colours to several colour-changing cycles. It is also possible to increase or decrease the lights intensity up to their shutdown. With more than 40 different effects, the GDMX / GDMXT module is a simple and efficient system for a complete management of RGB spots. For correct product installation and setting, refer to the specific instructions.


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