Recessed polished or satin finish stainless steel front bezel for use with SUB spots inclusive of steel in-ground housing. 

Power: 10W
Finishing: Polished

Lighting device in class III (it must be powered with a safety transformer). Body in heat-resistant hexamethylenediamine polyamide with special conformation in order to keep the spotlight at a low temperature; with flange in AISI 316L stainless steel. Operating temperature between -30°C and +40°C. Non-flammable and shatterproof. Good resistance to bad weather conditions and UV rays. High level of resistance to acids, hydrocarbons, alcohol, saline and chlorinated water. It does not rust or corrode. Maximum degree of waterproofness (IP68) for a device working at 12V ac. Tempered transparent glass or, on demand, frosted glass, stainless steel screws, with halogen lamp with power of 10W, 20W, 35W and 50W with GU5,3 connection, working at 12V, H05 RN-F 2x1mmcable (standard length 2.80 m). The device can be installed on walls, floors or in ground-level installations. It can bear up to 2000 Kg of a passing vehicle and it can bear a static load up to 3500 Kg.

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